BJJ SubmissionsEdit

  1. From Closed Guard (bottom)
  2. From Closed Guard (top)
  3. From Open Guard
  4. From Butterfly Guard (bottom)
  5. From Butterfly Guard (top)
  6. From De La Riva (bottom)
  7. From De La Riva (top)
  8. From Spider Guard (bottom)
  9. From Spider Guard (top)
  10. From Half Guard (bottom)
  11. From Half Guard (top)
  12. From Deep Half Guard (bottom)
  13. From Deep Half Guard (top)
  14. From Side Control (bottom)
  15. From Side Control (top)
  16. From Judo Side Control (bottom)
  17. From Judo Side Control (top)
  18. From 3 Quarter Guard (bottom)
  19. From 3 Quarter Guard (top)
  20. From mount (bottom)
  21. From mount (top)
  22. From Back Mount (bottom on back)
  23. From Back Mount (top back taken)
  24. From Turtle Guard (bottom)
  25. From Turtle Guard (top)
  26. From Special Unique Guards and Scrambles

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